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Parco Naturael di Paneveggio e Pale di San Martino


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loc. Refavaie - Caoria- alto Vanoi comune di Pieve Tesino cap 38050 (TN) ITALY           


I shelter Refavaie it is born before the Great one 1914 war - 1918 as inn Refavaie and it is few more than one hut, to service as it stops refreshing for the numerous fellow townsman of Caoria that you/they work in the surrounding woods or that they transit for to reach their masis. In autumn there is away a you go of “sloize” that I am of the sleighs for the transport of hay or firewood homeward in country; or horses that, with the snow, they haul to valley long tails of lumber toward the sawmills. After a first amplification in the year 1926, among alternate stories it is alone in the first years ‘50 that it raises him the same
roof so that to draw two disposition rooms of the first ones
dealers of lumber or tourists, that already showed interest for the
dainty mushrooms of the Vanoi.

With the 1966 terrible flood it seems what everything goes lost, but thanks to an enormous block of porfido that it is under the actual porch, there will be only light damages to the structure, that is strengthened however and endowed with new services and of a new saletta. It arrives then 1988, year in which Mrs Pierina withdraw him to be his/her grandmother after 24 years of management of the shelter and him,
it passes to the daughter-in-law Marinetta. The clients don't miss, above all in summer and the shelter doesn't hold up the increasing question anymore both of places bed that of suitable services. This way, after long to wander to the search of a' authorization, finally in the 2004 Shelter Refavaie receives the actual one restructuring that doesn't betray the old physiognomy.

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