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With their quotas
what they vary around the 2500 ms on the sea, these mountains...>>>



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Parco Naturael di Paneveggio e Pale di San Martino


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loc. Refavaie - Caoria- alto Vanoi comune di Pieve Tesino cap 38050 (TN) ITALY           


From here different paths they depart as well as
different forest roads. The lovers of the simple walks among the
woods of conifers can reach the near malghes (some anchor
inhabited in the summer) in middle once that varies from one to two hours and half of walk. Who wants to continue, you/he/she can reach the tops of the surrounding mountains that belong to the chain of the Lagorai from one part, and of the thick one of the Top of auction from the other.

With their quotas
what they vary around the 2500 ms on the sea, these mountains not
they ever represent dangers or elevated difficulty, only the Top
of auction with his almost 3000m are to consider with some more
of attention especially when you/he/she is attacked by certain big clouds from us called” lower you” In every case, meteo allowing, from every top him show is superb and every time surprises seeminghimself/herself/itself you almost renew continually, perhaps for a game of lights and shades that run after him for valleys, pastures and surrounding mountains. The forest roads you recently build, they offer to the lovers of the mountain bike a notable embarrassment of choice among longer runs and binding.

Even it is possible to program more trips days
supporting himself/herself/itself to other exercises of comfort along the run on the journeys that connect the valley of the Vanoi with the val of north Fiemme, the west Valsugana, the basin of the south Tesino e,attraverso her Tognola, St. Martin of east Castrozza. The same discourse can be worth for the impassioned ones of the treking to horse.

All the excursions in her zone around the Shelter Refavaies cross great lines of mulattiere soldiers built during the first world war both aside
Austrian that aside Italian, in how much the Lagorai has been theater of
hard clashes in the period 1915-1918, as they testify the ruins in the
numerous sites still today well visible; notable to the respect, the show
permanent prepared by the group alpine of Caoria.

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